Miniature Donkeys

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Miniature Donkeys

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West Prairie Jackie
Brown with light points
D.O.B. April 6th 2005
Height: 31 ½


Heiken’s Ark Top Gun

Sire: Heiken’s Ark Felix


Gardner’s Frona




T.S.C. Famous Amos

Dam:  West Prairie Jessie


 West Prairie Julie


Miniature Donkeys

Miniature Donkeys

Jackie is one of our smallest donkeys, well balanced, straight with a beautiful head
and an expressive eye.  She is one of our ambassadors who, along with her daughter,
are part of the “Haliburton County Farmers Association Meet the Animals” group.

Miniature Donkeys

She had her first foal in 2009, a gorgeous dark brown jenny,
a mere twenty inches at birth, Whee Sesqui.




Flight of Fancy Sonrise
Dark red with light points
D.O.B. May 7th 2006
Height: 33 ¼"


L.N. Redsonnehi

L.N. Red Sonfire


Jennie Sam of Bell E Acres




Sunset Acres Rustico



 Merry-Go-Round’s Ginnie May


Miniature Donkeys

Sonny is one of our tallest jennets; a beautiful dark red with a striking, contrasting,
black cross and dorsal stripe.  A deep bodied, well balanced jennet sure to catch
your eye in the field. She is one of Red Sonfires last daughters and it is a
privilege to own her.



Miniature Donkeys

Heiken’s Ark Red Taffy Mar
Light red with light points
D.O.B. June 27th” 2006
Height: 31”


Carousel LL Inspector Clouseau

Sire:  Heiken’s Ark Marcus 


Carousel LL Melita




MGF Fiftyfire

Dam:  The Elms Red Trillium


Merry-Go-Rounds Ellie-May

Taffy is our smallest jennet and our “little pink donkey”! She is a pretty feminine
girl with an elegant neck and and lovely conformation. She loves to have her butt scratched and often backs up to people so they get the hint!



The Elms Show Me Victory
Dark brown with light points
D.O.B. June 11th 2007
Height: 32.5“


EA Rambler

Sire:  EA Dr. Chaboom


EA Tabatha




Springlake Black Magic

Dam:  The Elms Queen Victoria


Windcrest Annie II 


Miniature Donkeys
Photo courtesy of Martha Howard 


Vic is a beautiful red brown; she glows when the sun is on her! She is very well made, wide bodied and straight legged with a lovely willing temperament, a very special girl, sharing the same birth date as my late mother. I think she uses her very large ears to listen to everyone’s secrets!

   Vic produced a gorgeous tiny black jack (Blue Moon) in 2012 sired by Avalanche.

Miniature Donkeys  Miniature Donkeys
 The Elms Show Me Victory 2008                           The Elms Show Me Victory 2009
Photo courtesy of Martha Howard                                                                                          



Future breeding stock


Sunset Acres Fabulous Gal

Dark brown with a tan muzzle

D.O.B. May 31st 2009

Birth height 22”



Dewey Meadows Primo

Sire: MGF Prime Time 

  MGF Venus Dark Damsel




 Dam: MGF Etoufee 556


Venus Creole 43





Fab Gal is a super friendly, sweet, little jenny, well built with lots of colour in her back ground. With the genetics of Prime Time, RJ and Valintino 50, she should produce some great quality foals when she is old enough. Again, thank you to Bob and Cindy at Sunset Acres in Nebraska for offering this gal for sale. It’s a long trip to Nebraska but when there is quality like Avalanche and Fab at the other end, it is so worth it!






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