Miniature Donkeys

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Miniature Donkeys

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Sunset Acres Avalanche

Brown and white spot.

D.O.B. May 31st 2009

Birth height: 19”

Adult height: 29 1/4"

  { MGF Prime Time

Sire: Sunset Acres

Hot Day in July


Sunset Acres Tsi ne Nezi

     { Ark Park Acres Apple Dumpling
Dam: Sunset Acres
Hip Heart
  MGF Venus Eyes Only 007



This delightful little fellow is a genetic power house, his conformation is very correct with a long, wide hip.

AV’s first crop of foals has arrived in 2012! They are everything we had hoped for!

A big “Thank You!” to Bob and Cindy Loewenstein for offering this fantastic young jack for sale.


Avalanche November 2009

Retired Herd Sire

The Elms Little MidKnight
Brown/black with light points
D.O.B. 15th. April 2006
Height. 32.5”

  { Circle C Black Russian
Sire: MGF Black Knight  
  MGF Venus Francine
     { Kota’s Samuel H.
Dam: Kota’s Midnight Miss  
  Kota’s Hunky Koree


Miniature Donkeys


Miniature Donkeys

Mike has produced five lovely foals for us. Whee Sesqui remains in our herd to continue his blood line. We decided to geld Mike in the spring of 2012 and he will now enjoy a good life as a pet. We are offering him for sale; please visit our For Sale page

He is a rich brown/black with light points, built correctly with good heavy bone, a smooth body and nice straight legs. A kind, mannerly jack, with a wonderful willing temperament, makes him a joy to work with.  His foals are straight and very people orientated.

Don’t tell anyone but he loves to be hugged!!
Miniature Donkeys



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